Sleepwalkers at work: World War 3 has probably already begun

The question of whether the NATO countries are warring parties and thus whether World War 3 has already begun is fervently denied by all Western powers. The arms deliveries of the West to Ukraine are presented as aid to a democratic country that was attacked for no reason. The bellicose statement of the German Foreign Minister Baerbock a week ago, however, demands to get to the bottom of the matter.

Peter Hanseler

“The Sleepwalkers” – Author: Christopher Clark
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In this short essay I try to show that the situation around the conflict in Ukraine is not to be surpassed in danger. The statements of Western politicians do not rest on a foundation of facts, but on a dangerous cocktail of falsehoods and half-truths, and it is legitimate to claim that the third world war has already begun. 


One of the best books that reveals how the policies of European countries led to World War I is Christopher Clark‘s “The Sleepwalkers“. 

In it, Clark shows how arrogance, stupidity, and hubris led to the first global conflict. Clark establishes that this catastrophe could have been avoided and that the thesis of the special war guilt of the German Empire, which is represented in our history books, can be disputed with good arguments. 

The present situation cannot be compared per se with the situation almost 110 years ago, but it can be described with a great quote (attributed to Mark Twain):

“History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes”.

mark twain
Mark Twain
Picture: Encyclopedia Britannica

The situation before the 1st World War is thus at least a cautionary monument. Because, arrogance, incompetence and mendacity seem to be timeless characteristics of mankind. 

Misstep of an incompetent or truth?

German Foreign Minister Baerbock declared on January 24, 2023, “we are waging a war against Russia.” 

This statement “corrected” by the German government can be dismissed as a faux pas by a completely overwhelmed German foreign minister.  Or one can ask whether this aggressive “misstep” was not a misstep at all.

“Arrogance, incompetence, and mendacity seem to be timeless traits of humanity.”

Since January 22, 2022, reporting in the West has been absolutely reliable in one respect: Most reports and forecasts about the course of the war have been wrong. I have already proven this fact (here and here). It seems that the Western media believes that the war against Russia can be won by publishing complete nonsense.  


Definition of war 

According to Macmillan dictionary, war is defined as follows:

“fighting between two or more countries that involves the use of armed forces and usually continues for a long time”

The requirement that the conflict must be long to be considered a war is met, in my opinion, after 11 months of duration. Thus, one can conclude that there is war between Russia and Ukraine.


Is NATO at war with Russia?

Action and statements

Now the question arises whether the NATO countries are already at war with Russia. There are – unfortunately – good arguments that this is the case.

“The answer to the question of whether there is war is determined solely by the actions of the parties and not not by their statements..”

According to the definition of war, it does not matter whether a war has been declared or not. World War I was still preceded by declarations of war; since then, however, it has been the rule that wars are initiated without declarations of war. 

It can be deduced from this that the statements of the NATO countries that they are not a party to the war in this conflict are irrelevant. 

The answer to the question of whether there is a war is determined solely by the actions of the parties and not by their statements.

Arms deliveries

The arms deliveries made by the West would exceed Russia’s entire military budget in 2022. What Germany has delivered so far can be seen on the web page of the German government. 

The NATO countries nevertheless take the position that their arms deliveries do not make them warring parties. 

One can be divided on this; the Russians – and also politicians in the West – see it differently than the NATO countries. After all, one can assume that the conflict in Ukraine would have been over long ago if the West had not supplied weapons. The arms deliveries of the NATO countries thus became the basis for the fact that there is still a war at all.

“President Selensky has already announced the next weapons category on his shopping list: F-16 fighter jets.”

Readers may well remember how initially – precisely for the reason of not becoming a party to the war – no heavy weapons were to be supplied. These were then delivered after all. After that, heavy weapons with a long range were not to be delivered. These were delivered. Recently we arrived at heavy battle tanks and it was decided last week that these will also be delivered. 

President Selensky has already announced the next weapons category on his shopping list: F-16 fighter jets. 

As before, this is being “discussed” and President Biden – as is usually the case – is initially opposed. If past escalation levels are taken as a yardstick, F-16s will probably be delivered soon. 

The statements of the West are therefore not reliable in any way, not even with regard to arms deliveries, and no one wants to remember the initial discussions about whether the delivery of heavy war material would make one a party to the war.

I will report comprehensively on the goals of the arms deliveries in one of the next articles; I can say in advance that there is no agreement even among the NATO countries on the goals of this action.

NATO troops

Officially, no soldiers from NATO countries are taking part in the conflict in Ukraine. However, this official statement does not at all stand up to a merely cursory examination. 

First, the American army has been supporting Ukraine with real-time electronic data since the beginning of the war. These come from American satellites, drones, and arguably AWACS systems, and are fed in real time to the Ukrainian Army’s weapons systems by American soldiers who process data from these systems in Poland, other places in Europe, or in the United States. Without this data, these weapons systems would remain silent.

“Thus, these American soldiers are participating in the war in Ukraine – online.”

The fact that an employee works from a home office and is not physically present at his company does not in any way mean that he is not working at his company. Thus, these American soldiers are participating in the war in Ukraine – online.

Second, if you follow the radio traffic in the war zones of Ukraine, you hear English, French, Polish, and also German – all not languages of Ukraine. Thus, one can assume that – according to the estimates – tens of thousands of foreign soldiers are already physically present and fighting in Ukraine. 

Some of them are mercenaries and volunteers who were not sent by the governments concerned. 

If you talk to real experts, they confirm that many of the Western complex systems could not be operated by the Ukrainian army at all. Here, among others, I would like to refer to my article about the tank deliveries. 

Whether these soldiers were officially sent by their countries or are there as so-called “contractors” is irrelevant to our discussion: the arms-supplying governments in question finance these soldiers directly or indirectly. What is on the label of these soldiers – soldier or “contractors” – is legal hair-splitting and factually irrelevant. 

Thus I assume that the USA, Great Britain, France, Poland and also Germany are already participants in the war with Russia. And from this I draw the conclusion that in the case of a conflict of the essential NATO states with Russia it can be spoken of that the 3rd world war has already begun. The statement by Foreign Minister Baerbock mentioned at the beginning was therefore correct.

Shortly before the publication of this essay, I read on that the final stage of escalation – albeit by someone no longer in office – is being raised: Britain’s former defense minister – Sir Geral Howarth – is in favor of sending British troops to Ukraine. Speechlessness should spread.

At this point, I would like to refer to an excellent article by James Rickards, who comes to the same conclusion on ZeroHedge, but uses mainly historical arguments to show that, in his opinion, the 3rd World War has already begun.

It is to be hoped that the West will stop marching after all, do some breathing exercises and become aware of the danger of its actions.

Albert Einstein
Bild: Wikipedia

Albert Einstein, who on August 2, 1939 – out of fear of a German atomic bomb – successfully requested in a letter to President Roosevelt that the USA should develop such a bomb, stated the following after World War II: 

“I do not know with what weapons the Third World War will be fought, but the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Hope dies last. 



Sleepwalkers at work: World War 3 has probably already begun

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