A dead Navalny is a gift for Biden – cui bono?

Navalny’s death dominated the headlines of the Western media within minutes of its announcement – “Putin killed him” – but that doesn’t make sense.

Peter Hanseler

When death brings joy – Navalny – dead / Biden – with joy

Facts of the case

Alexei Navalny collapsed and died on Friday in a prison colony north of the Arctic Circle, where he was serving a 19-year sentence for extremist activities. He was 47 years old.

The Pavlovian reaction of the Western media and politicians

Within minutes, reports appeared in the Western media – orchestrated practically simultaneously – about Navalny’s death with the clear message that Putin had had him liquidated.

Politicians also seemed to have found the culprit within minutes:

“It is obvious that he was killed by Putin,”


Ms. Baerbock did not miss the opportunity to make a more than concise and stringent statement on German television. Stateswoman-like – as always:

Biden lets the cat out of the bag

President Biden immediately gave a press conference and announced (minute 1:40):

“Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death. “

President Biden, Februar 16, 2024

The real reason for this press conference was not long in coming. Last week, the Senate approved a 95.34 billion dollar military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and other allies. Over USD 60 billion is “for” Ukraine.

What is important in this context is the fact that the lion’s share of this 60 billion would not go to Ukraine. Rather, the majority of this money goes to the American arms industry – the infamous military-industrial complex.

“Or did anyone really believe that Mr. Biden would shed a tear over Navalny’s death?”

However, the package must also be approved by the House of Representatives and the chances of the House of Representatives approving it are uncertain. The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives said on Friday that he did not expect the Republican-led House of Representatives to consider the billions in aid for Ukraine requested by President Joe Biden before mid-March.

Biden is thus using Navalny’s death and Vladimir Putin’s “perpetration” to push through “his” package. Many politicians in the US receive campaign funds – and probably more – from the military-industrial complex. In my opinion, this package will not change the full military collapse of Ukraine (our last two articles on this topic here and here). However, this is not important to Biden. What is important for him is that he can get money for his ” benefactors” so that something comes back for his election campaign in order to maintain his chances of re-election next November, at least from a financial point of view, because the chances are currently poor.

At minute 2.30 Biden says the following:

«This tragedy reminds us of the stakes of this moment. Let’s provide the funding so that Ukraine can keep defending itself.»

President Biden, Februar 16, 2024

That’s the real reason for this sympathy for Navalny’s death – money for the arms industry. Or did anyone really believe that Mr. Biden would shed a tear over Navalny’s death?

President Putin had no interest in Navalny’s death

Since the interview with Tucker Carlson at the latest, even the biggest skeptic knows that President Putin is extremely intelligent and educated. Vladimir Putin also has credibility with this interview, because he appears as competent as he is and his comments on the conflict in Ukraine also gave people who saw Putin as an enemy food for thought.

The interview was watched over 200 million times on Tucker Carlson’s X channel alone. It is very possible that this interview, which was broadcast countless times in many languages around the world, exceeded the 1 billion mark. The interview thus reached a huge number of people all over the world, who are now all thinking.

The following facts are also important: Russia is winning the war in Ukraine, Russia has been strengthened and not weakened by the sanctions. – This is in stark contrast to Germany, the spearhead of the EU. Finally, it can already be considered certain that President Putin will be re-elected by his people with a brilliant result on March 15-17. President Putin is therefore on the upswing in many respects.

What interest would he have in liquidating Navalny? – Navalny did not pose the slightest threat to the Russian government and the reactions of the Western media and politicians show that Navalny’s death would not give them a diplomatic advantage, but trouble. I therefore rule out the possibility that the Russian government caused Navalny’s death.

Navalny a hero?

Those exponents who are regarded in the West as heroes against Russia have one thing in common: they are all major criminals.

Michael Khodorkovsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is celebrated as a hero in the West. I wrote an article about this person in Weltwoche back in 2010 – a criminal who served his sentence in Siberia and now lives in London. Although he was convicted of economic crimes, it is an open secret in Russia that when he was building up his Yukos – the largest oil conglomerate in Russia at the time – competitors simply disappeared by the dozens.

Bill Browder

Bill Browder – an American who gave up his passport to save taxes – became rich as a fund manager in Russia, couldn’t get his throat full and committed large-scale tax fraud. When he was caught, he sacrificed his tax advisor – Magnitsky – who died in prison and has since been celebrated in the West as a Putin critic. Globalbridge.com reported on this, we were allowed to take over the article and Weltwoche took over the great article by Rafal Lutz in an abridged form.

Alexei Navalny

Navalny was convicted twice in 2012 and 2013 for embezzlement and fraud in Russia – once he defrauded the French cosmetics giant Yves Rocher. Both times he got off lightly. The first convictions therefore had nothing to do with politics – Navalny was simply a criminal.

“An honest Russian does not sell his soul to the West.”

Politically, Navalny was a vile racist with ultra-nationalist tendencies. He was expelled from the liberal Yabloko party. In his article on Navalny, our author Felix Abt made the following comments in his article “Navalny – the hero of the West is a criminal in Russia without any popular support“:

«For instance, Navalny has said that the best weapon to use against Muslim immigrants is a gun, calling them “cockroaches.” This was done in a video that he also used to demonstrate how to shoot a “cockroach”; you can find the video and more information here

Jacques Baude wrote a comprehensive analysis of Navalny in his book “The Navalny case: Conspiracy to serve foreign policy“, published in February 2023. In it, he meticulously examines Navalny’s story and unmasks the entire Western narrative.

Navalny is therefore certainly not a hero, but a criminal who has allowed himself to be instrumentalized by the West in the fight against Russia.

Why are all these exponents criminals? – The answer is relatively simple: an honest Russian does not sell his soul to the West. Of course there are critics in Russia who can and do speak out. However, what the above-mentioned people do is seen by the Russian population as a betrayal of the fatherland.

As a result, these exponents in Russia would not have the slightest chance of being elected to an important office by the people.

The issue of Navalny is important in the West – but not in Russia and in the (vast) rest of the world.

A dead Navalny is a gift for Biden – cui bono?
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