Who Benefits From Navalny’s Death, Putin or His Enemies?

The death of Navalny comes a little bit too convenient for the West – Felix Abt digs deeper and finds unsavoury little details, which are no details at all.

Felix Abt

Introduction by Peter Hanseler

Just a few days ago, we have published an article about Alexey Navalny’s death “A dead Navalny is a gift for Biden – cui bono?“, where we analyzed to whose benefit this hero, who is not, died. We were not surprised that the death of Mr. Navalny stirred-up a great deal of attention in the West. Compared to the lukewarm attention the proceedings currently under way regarding a real hero, Mr. Julian Assange, whose only crime it was to inform the public about war crimes of the US, this leaves one speechless.

Therefore, we think it worthwhile to publish the following article by our esteemed author Felix Abt, the editor of eaternangle.com who also publishes on Substack. Felix Abt shows a new angle – an angle which shows an even more unsavoury side of the West.

A death beyond doubt?

By immediately blaming Vladimir Putin for the death of Alexei Navalny Western leaders, pundits, and media, have shown us that the rule of law, which upheld its important pillar of presumption of innocence, is being further dismantled in the West. In addition to prejudging Putin without any evidence, the West was also not interested in Navalny’s allegedly previously precarious state of health or in Russian reports that he had allegedly died of a blood clot. One thing became abundantly evident when the medical magazine “The Lancet” released individual analytical findings from Navalny’s bodily fluids on December 22, 2020: Navalny was anything but healthy. The initial suspicion expressed by “The Lancet” that Navalny might have been poisoned with Novichok at the time was not supported by the results of the blood and urine samples. Additionally, Navalny’s symptoms differed greatly from those of Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Theresa May, the British prime minister at the time, surmised that the latter were “probably” poisoned by Russian operatives.

Cui bono? The taboo question

More important, however, is the question of who benefits from Navalny’s death, Putin or his Western opponents. This question is of course not being asked by Western politicians, experts and the media, who are now massively stepping up their campaign against Putin and Russia. Contrary to claims in the West, Navalny, who according to polls would have received around 2% of the presidential vote, was never a threat to Putin. The main opponent of the Russian president is the Communist Party, and its leaders are not dying mysteriously. Moreover, politicians who are supported by foreign powers are just as unpopular in Russia as they would be in America if they were supported by China or Russia.

Results of the last Russian parliamentary elections (Screenshot Wikipedia)

And no one is asking whether Navalny, a colorful figure with a turbulent past, might have had opponents in Russia other than Vladimir Putin. So while it is clear that Navalny was not a threat to the Russian president, his death is in fact a threat to Putin, as it is being used by the West as a welcome opportunity to destroy him and his country.

Shocking news at the perfect moment

The news from the far north of Russia came just in time for the start of the Munich Security Conference, the most important annual event in the global political calendar controlled by the collective West. What could be better suited to stir up denunciatory pathos than the early death of the most important “Kremlin critic”, as the deceased was dubbed in the Western press?

His wife, who was not on the list of conference participants, also appeared at the event. And she was immediately given the big stage. She accused the Russian leadership of being behind the incident without waiting for the results of the investigation and launched into an applauded tirade against the “evil and vicious criminal” Putin.

According to Anna Gonchar, a former associate of Ms. Navalny, Yulia Navalny allegedly had extramarital affairs with sponsors and associates of the purported anti-corruption group she headed. These included UK-based businessman Evgeny Chichvarkin, a former co-owner of cell phone chain Evroset, and Christo Grozev, a former journalist from Bulgaria and head of Bellingcat, the US and UK-funded intelligence contractors. As Ms. Gonchar felt uncomfortable planning leisure activities for Alexei Navalny’s wife with various men during his detention, she gave up her job with his wife. (Facebook screenshots: Yulia Navalny and two of her male comforters while her husband was in prison)

The documents published by Gonchar show, for example, that Ms. Navalny and Grosev stayed in a luxury hotel on Mont Blanc from December 21 to 26, 2023, less than two months ago, and that the bill for the hotel room they shared amounted to almost 3,900 dollars (screenshot above). As you can see, it pays to be paid by the West to fight Russia.

The same people who claimed to know immediately what had happened to Navalny didn’t find out (or didn’t want to find out) for a year and a half who had blown up Nord Stream – the biggest terrorist attack in Europe since World War II, targeting Europe’s energy lifeline, powered by cheap Russian gas in favor of high-priced American energy. And this despite the fact that it caused serious damage to European industry (while benefiting American industry) and severely impaired the prosperity of European citizens! They promptly used Navalny’s death to exert psychological pressure — billions more for the Ukraine money sinkhole — on American lawmakers who are tired of the unwinnable Ukraine war.

Not exactly a motive for murder by Putin

Negotiations between Moscow, Washington and Berlin on Navalny’s release as part of a prisoner exchange were underway. The German BILD newspaper reported it on February 18 under the title “This is why Navalny really died.”

BILD (see screenshot above) writes that “According to BILD, an exchange of prisoners was in the works between Moscow, Washington and Berlin. Putin wanted to get back the ‘Tiergarten murderer’, an agent who had shot an opponent of the regime in Berlin in 2019. He even hinted at it publicly in an interview with Tucker Carlson (54). There was talk that Putin should release Navalny in return.”

The conditions in Russian prisons

Since Russia had no motive to kill Navalny (and certainly not at this time), there are only two possibilities: Navalny died of natural causes or was murdered.

In Russia, it’s no problem to smuggle almost anything into the prisons. That’s just the way things are there. This seems to be confirmed by an article in the opposition newspaper “Novaya Gazeta Europa”. It states that after Navalny’s death all inmates were locked up and their cells checked in the prison. According to the report, a commission paid a surprise visit. The paper also reported that this had begun the night before, and it is possible that Navalny died the day before the official statement. Furthermore, the newspaper claimed that the disruption continued on February 16, early in the morning. “Cell phones, maps and even boilers” were confiscated by the prison colony staff. It would therefore have been easy for the secret service of a hostile country (e.g. Ukraine) to use a prisoner to have Navalny killed in order to blame Russia and provoke “retaliatory measures” by the West against Russia.

When the news of Navalny’s death broke, President Biden immediately addressed the media and made what could be taken as a threat: “We don’t know exactly what happened, but there’s no doubt that the death of Navalny was the consequence of something that Putin and his thugs did.” So you don’t need to know what happened, all that matters is that “Putin and his thugs did it”, just like Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who was accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction. There was no evidence that he had such weapons (because he didn’t), but it was enough that he was a thug for the then-US president to go to war against Iraq and kill him.

And when Western politicians and media stir up hatred of a political leader or a country, you know from history what that means: the march to war or, in the case of Russia, even more war than there already is.

The motives for the West’s war on Ukrainian soil against Russia are explained here. And to the chagrin of the Western political elite, things are not going well there. The death of the Western hero in Russia comes at the right time because it will give the Western warmongers a welcome boost. They will stir up even more hostility and demand more weapons against Russia – and will probably get them.

What the Western media also fail to tell us is that Navalny is not the freedom fighter he has been stylized as in the West, as explained here.

Navalny, the Russian equivalent of a white supremacist, referred to immigrants as cockroaches. He particularly despised people from the Caucasus and Central Asia. His political program called for (ethnic) Russia’s leadership over Europe and Asia. Like-minded activists and allies accused Putin of destroying the traditional fabric of Russian society by giving space to minorities and immigrants who are not ethnically Russian. Strangely, progressive media outlets like Salon, which have been critical of Navalny in the past (see screenshot), have recently become supporters.

Witnesses involved in his earlier bizarre poisoning case, another opportunity to blame Putin, made many contradictory statements. For example, it was first claimed that he had been poisoned by tea at the airport, then by FSB agents who had tampered with his bottle of mineral water in his hotel room. The incident raised a lot of questions. It was possibly a false flag operation, but no Western media were interested in investigating this. Putin stated at the time that if he wanted to poison Navalny, he would be dead (instead of surviving the poison attack).

Given that the fate of Russian citizen Alexei Navalny is making countless headlines in the West, it is worth mentioning that Gonzalo Lira, an American citizen, recently died as a result of torture and medical neglect in a Ukrainian prison where all you could hear was the chirping of crickets.

Strange deaths also occur elsewhere, for example in the United States: The suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, a man who had plenty of kompromat over powerful men, in a maximum security prison with all-round surveillance will never receive as much attention, let alone the thorough scrutiny of official pronouncements, as Navalny’s death. 

A mirror for the Putin accusers

During his term of office as US President, Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama drew up a weekly kill list that enabled him to execute US citizens suspected of being terrorists abroad. The constitutionally guaranteed presumption of innocence for a defendant as long as he has not been declared guilty in court was simply thrown overboard by the former law professor. The fact that wedding parties and other innocent civilians are among the collateral damage of US drone attacks also made no difference to him and his successors.

And Guantánamo, “the gulag of our time” (Amnesty International), where people are still being held for years without trial, has been run by the USA for 22 years.

Assassination squads are also used by the Mossad of the alleged constitutional state of Israel to eliminate those who are considered terrorists worldwide (the term “terrorist” can refer to anyone who is against unlawful occupation and land theft). And without judicial clarification or decision and also with collateral damage.

And the collective West still feels morally superior to Putin, even after cheering a former Ukrainian Waffen SS and war criminal in the Canadian parliament and another, Russian hero with a similar ideology. Perhaps it is reassuring to the collective West that the prison of Western dissident Julian Assange, who has been held without trial for years, is no worse than the prison where Navalny was held.

Our book recommendation

The Navalny case: Conspiracy to serve foreign policy”, published in February 2023, provides a thorough analysis of the Navalny case that debunks the Western narrative.

The author, Jacques Baud, is a former colonel of the General Staff and specialist in strategic intelligence in Switzerland. He served as United Nations Policy Chief for Peacekeeping Operations and led the first multidimensional UN intelligence unit in Sudan. He has worked for the African Union and NATO, dealt with the Ukraine crisis in 2014 and is the author of several books.

Here you can find an interview with the author Jacques Baud from June 1, 2023, about the “real Navalny”.

Who Benefits From Navalny’s Death, Putin or His Enemies?
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