Ukraine is militarily finished

Even Selenski admits that the counteroffensive has failed – the ideologues in the West continue to fight to the last Ukrainian – an escalation is imminent.

Peter Hanseler

Source: United States Institute for Peace: Preparing for Victory in Ukraine 

Ideological “reporting” is propaganda

It is not part of the core competence of this blog to report on the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, we are asked to do so again and again.

Personally, I read about the war every day, as this conflict is important for Europe. But – seen in isolation – it is not as important as it is described in the West. Our readers know that the conflict in Ukraine is only one piece of a puzzle in a conflict that spans the globe. Thus, it is overestimated by the majority of the European population, as it is completely misrepresented by the European media and politicians. This, on the one hand, to stir up hatred against the Russians and, on the other hand, to distract from their own political and economic mistakes, which will lead Europe to doom.

For a long time I was looking for reliable sources, which report objectively about the conflict. I have found them; and no, the Western media do not report objectively and are always miles off the mark with their “analyses” and forecasts, because these are not analyses, but pure propaganda.

Since February 2022, the ideology-driven journalists of the major American, European and also Swiss media are regularly wrong. The ladies and gentlemen in question don’t seem to care – not a trace of professional pride.

The only major publication in Europe that goes to great lengths to publish facts is the Swiss weekly “Weltwoche,” whose publisher, Roger Köppel, proves time and again, nota bene with facts, that he is right and everyone else is wrong. As a reward for his journalistic achievements, he is the subject of animosity in Switzerland. In essence, he is accused of not marching ideologically reliably with the powerful. Roger Köppel – fortunately – doesn’t seem to care a jot about that – respect.

As a Swiss, you can go back as far as you want in the history books to find such a disastrous quality of reporting – you won’t find it.

Such propaganda existed in Germany in the thirties and forties of the last century.

On the disastrous situation of reporting from Switzerland, I refer to my “Resist the beginnings – Propaganda of the NZZ“, where I proved last December that the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), the Swiss flagship of great journalism, has degenerated into a propaganda paper.

Finding the truth is truly no art

In April of this year, I wrote the article “Reliable Sources for War Reporting” and discussed which sources are reliable and why. I recommend our readers revisit this article – I think it is well worth it.

Grand announced offensive, followed by the fall of Bachmut

Do you remember when all Western media published maps and predicted the course of the Ukrainian counteroffensive? – Advance to Crimea within weeks via Melitopol!

Announced since November 2022, the “biggest” counteroffensive started in the first week of May 2023.

The first big announcement was the conquest of Melitopol – see map – a city in the middle of the land bridge – on the way to the Crimea.

Shortly thereafter, Bachmut fell – the city in the Donbass, besieged since October 2022, was conquered by the Russians.

The Ukrainians conquered a few villages – that’s it.

Western wonder weapons

In January, in our article “Wonder Weapons, Weapon Systems and Gossip“, we reported on the “wonder weapons” that the West sent to Ukraine and pointed out that these weapons would not work miracles, but would be lost.

American Bradley tanks, as well as German Leopard II and British Challenger tanks stand no chance in this conflict and have no influence on the course of the war. They are being destroyed by the Russians – why?

The problem is an old one: generals always fight the last war. A territorial war like the one now being waged in Ukraine has similarities to WW2 – so NATO countries trained Ukrainians in WW2 tactics. This was a mistake.

The Russians see everything – from above: With satellites, planes and drones. Tanks, which are used like in WW2, are immediately seen and destroyed. To use tanks in today’s world without having air supremacy is suicidal. Hence the huge losses of the Ukrainians.

The announced F-16s will suffer the same fate. Russian air defense systems are the best in the world – the F-16s will simply be shot down.

Where are we at now?

After more than four months, the Ukrainians did not even manage to break through the first of three to five defense lines of the Russians at any front section.

The Ukrainians are still in the so-called security zone, in front of the first line of defense, and are being really chewed up there.

Colonel Macgregor, a retired American colonel who has front-line experience and whom I consider one of the most reliable commentators, estimates that the Ukrainians have lost over 400,000 soldiers so far, over 50,000 since the start of this counteroffensive. That doesn’t seem to bother the government in Kiev.

Already, 16-year-old schoolchildren and 60-year-old grandfathers are being properly rounded up off the street and, after a 14-day fast bleaching, sent to the front, where they perish.

This is a cynical repetition of the “Volkssturm” when Hitler called for holding out shortly before the end of WW2 and hundreds of thousands of children and old men were sent to their deaths for the sake of a few psychopaths. – The parallels are frightening.

The American army is led by a chatterbox

I can’t imagine American leaders believing the nonsense they tell the public, which is then uncritically adopted by “journalists.”

General Milley, the Joint Chief of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces, expressed the following opinion on the U.S. support to Ukraine in the form of troop training:

“Through a global effort more than six thousand Ukrainians are being trained right now at 40 different locations in 65 courses in 33 nations on three continents.”

Why is this complete nonsense?

First, the number of soldiers currently being trained by the West will have fallen in 10 days at the latest, according to current casualty figures.

Secondly, 6,000 soldiers are being trained at 40 different locations. War is a team sport. In the manner described by Milley, one ensures that coordinated action is impossible.

Milley is a pure propagandist, who wears a uniform adorned with many medals, but is a mere chatterbox.

“Viewed cool-headedly, NATO would not stand a chance against Russia in a major conflict”

Milley has never been to the front lines as a soldier. His wartime assignments were at his desk – he was never effectively in the field. Quite the opposite of our source, Colonel MacGregor, who has fewer medals but frontline experience and thinks absolutely nothing of Milley.

General Mark Milley – Chatterbox on Duty

Thus, the American Army is led by a loudmouth who has absolutely no credibility – the results prove this assertion.


Zelensky admits defeat

A few days ago, President Zelensky for the first time piles up something deeper; he justifies the lack of success of the counteroffensive with the late delivery of weapons from the West; the Russians had had time to mine the area.

Ukrainians wanted – cannon fodder becomes rare

Zelensky demands from the West that Ukrainians residing or having fled there be collected and sent to Ukraine. The Irish seem to be actually considering the “proposal”. The Ukrainians concerned will be thrilled, especially those who had never been to Ukraine in their entire lives.

Outcry in the West? – Not a word.

Danger of escalation

Whoever thinks that the complete defeat of NATO in Ukraine would lead to the West getting up the spirit to start negotiations with Russia is mistaken.

In fact, within a few years, media and politicians in the West have managed to stir up a hatred against the Russians in the respective populations, which is equal to the hatred against the Jews in Germany during the Nazi era.

In Switzerland, too, until recently, it was merely good taste to hate the Russians; in recent months it has come to such a pass that those who do not loathe the Russians are virtually ostracized. Of course, there is – superficially – a lot of shooting against President Putin.

If you now think that this is only the case with the uneducated masses, you are very much mistaken. I know attorneys with PhDs and other ladies and gentlemen, who consider themselves educated and culturally sophisticated, who have become real drivers of this hatred. If in the last 80 years people have asked themselves how it was possible at all that a cultured country could treat the Jews in such a way, now they know how it is done.

Thus the breeding ground in the western population is prepared to allow the respective state leaders to allow a further escalation of the conflict, i.e. to follow the Americans in their vain fight for world domination.

“It would take men in a war against Russia, not namby-pamby, woke loudmouths.”

The NATO exercise beginning in the Black Sea, where dozens of Western warships will meet with the sole aim of provoking Russia, is a textbook example of this escalation.

In doing so, the West is making a capital error for thinking that President Putin’s restraint so far can be interpreted as weakness.

Viewed cool-headedly, NATO would not stand a chance against Russia in a major conflict: You read correctly. All NATO countries together would be outgunned in a direct military conflict against Russia. This alone due to the lack of ammunition for all NATO weapon systems – these would be used up in a few weeks. The fact that NATO weapon systems are superior to Russian ones has already been sufficiently refuted. Finally: In a war against Russia, men would be needed, not sissy woken loudmouths who will probably search in vain for work-life balance at the front.

I hope that this showdown will never happen, but if Russia loses patience, they will strike a capital blow. For instance, they would not attack one ship in the Black Sea, but try to sink the entire NATO fleet – this is what Russian escalation looks like.

Therefore: Take a deep breath and turn on the switch that supplies the brain with energy – if there is one.

Ukraine is militarily finished

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