Putin’s speech: Faith – Family – Justice – Trust

President Putin trusts his people, who trust him. He is planning and expecting great things – the speech on February 29, 2024 is a milestone.

René Zittlau

Quelle: Kremlin.ru

Cultural introduction

At the beginning of January, between New Year’s Eve and Orthodox Christmas, I visited the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The crowd of people of all ages and social classes was impressive. Many parents also took the time to visit. And so there were many fathers and mothers in front of the painting “The Three Warriors”, vividly telling the children about Russian legends and history, thus building a bridge between the past and the present.

Viktor Vasnetsov completed the work in 1898 after 20 years of work. It depicts the three main heroes of Russian folk tales – Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovich, who are familiar to every child in Russia. They sit at ease on mighty steeds in the vastness of Russia, ready to defend the people against any enemy.

It should only surprise the blinded political West if people in Russia see an unbroken continuity between the message of this work and the situation today.

The fact that this is the case is undoubtedly due to the actions of the Russian president.

If any more proof were needed to show the abysmal gulf between the political West and Russia as a whole, the Western reactions to the Russian President’s speech yesterday offered plenty of evidence.

We are publishing yesterday’s speech by the Russian President in full. So everyone can judge for themselves to what extent the reporting in the West does justice to President Putin’s appearance.

A speech to the people

Officially, the Russian President’s speech is addressed to the Federal Assembly, i.e. the members of the two chambers of parliament. In fact, it is a speech to the people.

What was surprising was that Putin did not focus the speech on the present, but on Russia’s prospects in the period up to 2030.

This is an indication that he does not consider the current situation to be critical – neither militarily, economically nor socially.

The realization of the concrete projects mentioned by Vladimir Putin in his more than two-hour speech will change the country in a way that many – both in the East and the West – cannot imagine today.

Just how serious the Russian leadership, and the Russian president in particular, are about implementing these projects is shown by the structure of the projects, some of which are already being implemented and some of which are newly presented and often seamlessly linked.

It is about a complete reorientation of social, societal and economic life in continuation of the path that Russia has been on since 2022. The implementation of the plans is intended to create the conditions for Russia’s technological, scientific and economic independence.

These goals can only be achieved if people are empowered to actively achieve them. To enable them to do so, the necessary framework conditions must be created.

This is where the comprehensive plans described in the speech come in. They include a reorganization and expansion of the education sector on a scale that is tantamount to a revolution – starting in schools, continuing through higher education and closely linked to the economy. They include plans for a comprehensive reform of the tax system and the creation of better conditions for setting up companies.

However, all of this can only be implemented if families are strengthened. Russia is striving for the three-child family to become the norm in society. It is aligning its social policy accordingly.

For example, university campuses are to be created that make it possible to study and have a family at the same time. The GDR citizens among our readers will certainly remember similar and successful programs in their country.

But all plans will be a waste of time if the security of the country cannot be guaranteed. It was in this and only in this context that the Russian President referred to Russia’s military capabilities. He did not threaten anyone, but made it very clear that Russia will know how to defend itself against anyone who wants to restrict the country in the implementation of its plans.

But as important as the individual weapons systems are, the introduction of which was first discussed in the same place in 2018, the people who operate them are more important – according to the Russian president. They are defending Russia today. That is why the country owes them a deep debt of gratitude. This gratitude is not limited to words, but also, for example, to social security and concrete qualification programs for former soldiers and officers. Those who today defend the existence of the country to a large extent as volunteers should in future control the fate of the country in the decisive positions.


The Russian President’s appearance and the way he spoke were characterized by a great inner calm and conviction that struck many observers. This demeanor speaks of a deep trust in the country’s abilities.

And the people, for their part, trust the Russian leadership.

Let no one be deceived: The vast majority of the Russian population supports this course. To a large extent, it restores the country’s faith in the greatness of the Russian nation.

Only this mutual trust makes it possible to show the country a perspective that is supported by the vast majority. There is no doubt that the presidential elections in March will confirm this.

The speech – Video – with English translation

Source: Michael Rossi Poli Sci – Youturbe

Speech – Transcript – English

Putin’s speech: Faith – Family – Justice – Trust

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