Professor Mearshheimer’s appeal for Julian Assange

While criminals are celebrated as heroes in the Western media, Julian Assange is left to rot – Professor John Mearsheimer stands up – Video.

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Julian Assange is left to rot in prison – Professor Mearsheimer stands up for him.


Professor John Mearsheimer, Professor at the University of Chicago, is a heavyweight in geopolitics. He regularly reports on geopolitical developments from an American perspective – well-founded, critical, ingenious.

Among other things, Julian Assange published videos on Wikileaks showing that American combat helicopters murdered civilians – including journalists – in Iraq in 2007 – a war crime.

American war crimes

Assange received the information from a member of the American armed forces. Although this whistleblower was convicted, he is now free again.

Assange did his duty as a journalist and did not violate any laws. When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the secret Pentagon Papers in 1971 and the New York Times published them, this led to a reversal in the Vietnam War and the New York Times was celebrated, Ellsberg as a leaker was not prosecuted. We reported on this in our article “Pentagon Data Leak – Poetry Dies, Truth Lives“.

Julian Assange would therefore be the New York Times, not the leaker. He faces 175 years in prison in the USA if he is extradited from the UK.

The majority of the Western media remain silent and do not even realize that they are effectively condemning a professional colleague to death and thus digging their own grave, because if Assange is extradited, journalists who uncover war crimes will be imprisoned in the future.

Wouldn’t it be time for the honorable papers to stand up instead of celebrating true criminals like Navalny? – They probably don’t want to offend their friends in the Pentagon…

The following video is an appeal by Professor John Mearsheimer on the YouTube channel Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom.

Source: Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

Professor Mearshheimer’s appeal for Julian Assange

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