Pentagon Data Leak – Fiction Dies, Truth Lives

The Pentagon data leak shows that Western governments lie to their people throug their teeth. The Western media simply repeat the nonsense – uncritically. Pentagon Papers 52 years ago sends its regards.

Peter Hanseler


Among other things, the data leak shows that the U.S. government believes that (1) Ukrainian casualties are seven times higher than those of the Russians, (2) Ukrainian air defenses will run out of ammunition by May, and (3) both American and British troops are in Ukraine. 

The U.S. government’s initial attempt to dismiss the whole embarrassment as a disinformation campaign by the Russians failed miserably. 

Now a 21-year-old has been arrested in the US. He is said to be the big traitor. How a 21-year-old got hold of top-secret documents is of course not questioned – is he just a patsy?

A brief analysis.

What’s in the Pentagon Papers 2023?

Without going into details, the documents that have surfaced show that the narrative that the West and its media have been spreading at the top of their voices since the beginning of the military conflict does not match reality in any way. 

«Now we know that thy lied to us through their teeth»

Casulalty figures

This blog repeatedly pointed out that Ukrainian losses were many times higher than Russian losses. Many dismissed this as Kremlin propaganda and claimed the opposite. 

Now we know that the American military leadership knows that the Ukrainians are losing seven times more soldiers than the Russians.

This has never happened before in military history. These disastrous conditions also mean that Ukraine is sending more and more very young and old men, barely trained, to the front lines. 

The chances of survival for these men are said to be minimal. One hears that young Ukrainian soldiers are being sent into a real meat grinder in the battle for Bachmut.

A disaster for the Ukrainians, because the USA is fighting in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian.

Ukrainian air defense at its end in May

Further, the Pentagon papers reportedly show that the Ukrainians will run out of ammunition for their air defense systems in May.

The Ukrainians use various Soviet air defense systems – such as the S-300, which are excellent. In any case, these systems have so far prevented the Russians from having air supremacy over Ukraine. 

If these systems fall away on the Ukrainian side, this may be decisive for the war.

American and British troops in Ukraine

This assumption has also been voiced several times on this blog and is now confirmed – in writing – by the American side. 

Fiction and truth

For a year now, the West and its media have never tired of predicting the demise of the Russian army. 

Now we know that they lied at us through their teeth.

Representative of the web of lies is a March 28 hearing of Defense Secretary Austin before the Senate committee. 

In it, Austin lied that Ukraine was winning the war, that Russian casualties were huge, that the Russians were running out of materiel, and that Ukraine’s chances of victory were intact. 

Under oath, Austin thus said exactly the opposite of what he knew.

This example alone shows that the Secretary of Defense of the United States is not above misleading not only his own people, but also Congress.

Uncritical Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)

Report of the Americans tel-quel adopted

One might have expected that the Western media would now react harshly to the fact that the Americans or NATO had lied to everyone.

Far from it: A 21-year-old soldier who is said to have published the information is attacked. In the April 14 issue, the NZZ writes on the front page:

“The mystery surrounding one of the biggest leaks in U.S. security history appears to be unraveling. Arrested suspect loved guns and distrusted government.”

nzz, April 14, 2023, Frontpage

And on page 3:

“U.S. Defense Department expresses concern over revelations of leaked classified documents”.

nzz, April 14, 2023, page 3

The leak is thus attributed to a madman and the security of the military apparatus is pondered.

The fact that the Americans lied to the public and the American Congress against their better knowledge is not worth a syllable to the NZZ.

Despite these revelations, the NZZ continues with its propaganda as before.

I refer once again to my article “Resist the beginnings! – Propaganda of the NZZ“. Editor-in-chief Eric Gujer is sticking to his course, although the facts are shattering his ideological dream world.

How a 21-year-old young soldier could get hold of such top-secret data in the first place is not questioned.

A 21-year-old soldier cannot possibly be the leaker

Former CIA employee Larry Johnson commented on this point yesterday.

He said that the documents were genuine, but that the story about the 21-year-old soldier could not possibly be true, based on one of the documents, which came from the CIA Operations Center, where he himself worked.

The document in question was an internal CIA document and no one in any US military base anywhere in the world had access to such a document.

The whole thing is a disinformation campaign, he said.

“Eric Gujer stays the course even though the facts are shattering his ideological dream world.”

Military consequences

Of course, the reality on the battlefields of Ukraine has not changed as a result of this data leak.

The Russian army continues its strategy. The Russians are proceeding slowly in order not to have unnecessary losses.

The city of Bachmut is currently about 80% in Russian hands, although it should be pointed out that fighting is going on in dozens of places on this long front of over 1,000 km.

No one knows whether the major Ukrainian offensive announced months ago will take place. Although the facts available today indicate that a spring offensive by the Ukrainians would probably not be successful, one never knows – it is war and madness is rampant.

Further, there are persistent rumors that Ukraine is seeking a political-military alliance with the Poles to enable an official Polish military intervention.

Although these are merely speculations which, in my opinion, cannot be substantiated at the present time, it is quite possible that the conflict could escalate further. This danger becomes all the greater as the superiority of the Russians becomes more apparent.

I will reveal in one of my next posts how and where I research my information about the course of the war. A time consuming job, but not much to do with rocket physics.

Political consequences – a look back

The so-called Pentagon Papers, officially “Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force”, showed the real situation in Vietnam and they reported on the – often – illegal means that the USA used in connection with Vietnam between 1945 and 1967.

In 1971, this study was leaked to the New York Times by one of its authors – Daniel Ellsberg: The American people learned that the government under President Johnson was systematically lying not only to the people, but also to Congress.

This scandal led to the American people waking up to the fact that the war in Vietnam no longer had popular support.

Daniel Ellsberg, who published the Pentagon Papers, was indicted and faced over 100 years in prison, but the trial was dropped and the now 92-year-old is a legend in the US.

The parallels to the current scandal are striking.

No end to the war despite data leak

If common sense were the driving force in the politics of the West, one would have to call a marching halt with regard to the Ukraine war and think about what, from the West’s point of view, could be achieved with this war in the first place.

A great opportunity for humanity to end this carnage through negotiations.

However, one does not even have to be a cynic to give this possibility no chance – glances at history are enough.

When the German Wehrmacht suffered its first major defeat outside Moscow in December 1941 and was so decimated by the Russians that a “final victory” in the East was out of the question because of the military forces, more than three years passed before the Germans capitulated in Berlin.

The German generals were also aware of this. Wilhelm Keitel – Chief of the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht from 1938 to 1945 – answered the question on the occasion of the Nuremberg trial in 1945/1946, when it had been clear to him at which point he had considered the war lost, with one word: “Moscow!”

Even the Pentagon Papers published in 1971 had no influence on the continuation of the war. It was not until 1975 that hostilities ceased, although on cool reflection it could be assumed that “victory” was not possible and that the people were opposed to this war.

This is bitter, but who cares about the millions of dead. Unfortunately, hatred very often wins over humanity.


It can be considered established that the military situation in Ukraine is developing contrary to the statements of Western politicians, “experts” and media.

The initial reactions of Western governments and the Western media do not suggest that there will be a change of course in the West regarding narrative and policy, despite the facts.

The data leak proves that our blog “Voice from Russia” always researched with integrity and that we do not have to revise our statements since the beginning of the war – I take note of this with satisfaction, even if I did not expect that this fact would be confirmed by the Americans.

Pentagon Data Leak – Fiction Dies, Truth Lives

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