Nord Stream – now it’s getting grotesque

After the article by Seymour Hersh, which credibly unmasked the USA and Norway as the perpetrators of the Nord Stream pipeline, a new theory is being passed around by the Western media. This one is unsurpassable in grotesqueness. The Western media have gambled away the last semblance of credibility – the public thanks them.


In one of my last articles The Silence of the Lambs: North Stream Blasting – Act of War by the USA – the West is Silent, I pointed out that the article by Seymour Hersh, the grand seigneur of investigative journalism in the USA, was more than credible and that the West was keeping quiet about the article. 

The silence has now come to an end. With a new theory that cannot be surpassed in grotesqueness, and which is intended solely to clear the USA.

The facts

The article by Seymour Hersh, which hit like a bomb, is so detailed and credible that one can assume with a clear conscience that Hersh is right. 

All the more so because Seymour Hersh has a track-record that is among the best. His investigative articles have been regularly called nonsense by the American government, then the truth has come out just as regularly, and Hersh has always been right. See my article on this. 

After the publication of the Nord Stream article it was the same: On March 8, Hersh’s article was rejected as completely false and fictitious.

Some newspapers in the West mentioned Hersh’s article briefly, but did not deal with it. 

Thereafter, the entire Western press shrouded itself in silence for four weeks.

On March 7, the New York Times began to repair the damage done by the Americans, with the headline:

«Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say»

New York Times – March 7, 2023

Among other things, the NYT wrote: 

«New intelligence reviewed by U.S. officials suggests that a pro-Ukrainian group carried out the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines last year, a step toward determining responsibility for an act of sabotage that has confounded investigators on both sides of the Atlantic for months»

New York Times – March 7, 2023

Then came the European newspapers with downright synchronized contributions. 

First and foremost the German “Zeit” – which started the media offensive in Europe with the title – “Nord Stream Investigations: Traces lead to Ukraine” started the media offensive in Europe. 

I would not like to withhold from them this robbery story of the time and quote verbatim:

«Specifically, according to information from ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, Kontraste, SWR and ZEIT, investigators have succeeded in identifying the boat that was presumably used for the secret operation. It is said to be a yacht rented from a company based in Poland, apparently owned by two Ukrainians. The clandestine operation at sea is said to have been carried out by a team of six people, according to the investigation. It is said to have involved five men and one woman. According to the report, the group consisted of a captain, two divers, two diving assistants and a female doctor, who are said to have transported the explosives to the crime scenes and placed them there. The nationality of the perpetrators is apparently unclear. The attackers used professionally forged passports, which are said to have been used, among other things, to rent the boat.»

Die Zeit – March 7, 2023

Further down, the “Zeit” then wrote: 

«Ukrainian presidential adviser Mychajlo Podoljak told ARD’s Hauptstadtstudio, Kontraste, SWR and ZEIT in a statement that Ukraine “of course had nothing to do with the attacks on Nord Stream-2.” There was “no confirmation that Ukrainian officials or military took part in this operation or that people were sent to act on their behalf.” It is conceivable that Russia was behind it, he said. “There are many more motives and many more possible uses in this scenario,” Podoljak said.»

Die Zeit – March 7, 2023

All the media carried roughly the same story. 

In this temporal consideration, one should not forget that the German Chancellor Scholz was in Washington on March 3 for a visit to the U.S. President that was unique and very unusual in every respect – without any entourage, without journalists, without a press conference.

An insane story – fiction and truth

The western media would like their audience to believe that a yacht, manned by a captain, two divers, two diving assistants and a doctor have carried out the largest terrorist attack on one of the largest infrastructures in the world, which is located in the open sea almost 100 meters below sea level. And this in a sea region that has long been one of the best-monitored in the world, teeming with military and sensors of all kinds.

According to Seymour Hersh, the U.S. Navy – arguably the best-equipped and most capable navy in the world – began preparations for this attack. Hundreds of people were involved in preparing the attack for a full 9 months with a huge effort

In the story now published, 6 people were enough. 

How the location of the attack was identified remains in the dark – how finding the exact location of a yacht, whose boat crew consisted of one person the captain, is also not credible. 

Has anyone thought how two assistant divers, a female doctor and a captain even hoisted the required hundreds of kilos of explosive charges over the railing of a yacht? And that twice – in and out again, and that too unnoticed!

“However, this abysmal level of “reporting” also gives rise to hope, namely the hope that their audience will sooner or later expose them: As smear comedians.”

Did any of the journalists wonder what kind of sea swell goes in the area in question, where a yacht, sways like a nutshell?

Did anyone wonder what kind of equipment is needed for a technical dive at 100 meters?

Has anyone wondered how two divers attach complex explosive charges of a few hundred kilos at 100 meters?

If all that is really needed for this undertaking is a troop consisting of two divers, two diving assistants, a doctor and a captain, it should be enough to send the 12 best people of the Kansas Shooting Club in a Greyhound bus to Bachmut to drive the Russians away. 

If a whole phalanx of journalists in the West uncritically prints such nonsense, one can conclude that the responsible editors-in-chief have lost all shame and consider their readers to be complete fools.

However, this abysmal level of “reporting” also gives rise to hope, namely the hope that their audience will sooner or later expose them: As smear comedians.

Nord Stream – now it’s getting grotesque
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