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Evil news, inhumane plans

René Zittlau

News from Ukraine per se have not been among those that build people up for a long time. And not only since February of last year. Too much has happened that was considered “not possible”, “unthinkable”, “unimaginable” and the like. History shows it was possible and, despite everything, conceivable and imaginable for certain circles.

For two or three weeks now, I have once again been receiving news from this unfortunate country, which in itself only inaccurately reflects the rating “unimaginable” in the purest meaning of the word.

It is information via private channels from the east of Ukraine, which leaves little room for maneuver about the intentions of those who are willing to set in motion the expected spiral of events.

Since that time, especially in eastern Ukraine – but not only there – the population has been prepared by all means of manipulation for the unthinkable – a deliberately caused nuclear incident, either by blowing up a part of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe in Zaporizhia or by the use of a dirty bomb in this nuclear power plant or its surroundings.

For this purpose, the population in eastern Ukraine, and especially in the cities of Zaporizhia, Dnepro and Krivoy Rog, is being instructed around the clock via the media on rules of conduct: How should I behave? What food and, above all, what medicines do I have to keep on hand?

All this is done under the media assurance that “Russia” and the “Russians” will definitely do it. They will blow up the nuclear power plant, one way or another, it is not a question of if, it is only a question of when. They say that the Russians are so desperate that they see no other way to achieve their goals.

If so far it was “only” advertising, propaganda in the style described, a few days ago the Kiev government decided to further fuel the spiral of escalation and ordered the evacuation of the cities of Zaporizhia, Dnepro and Krivoy Rog.

This has led to reports of huge traffic jams at the Ukrainian-Polish border for days as people leave Ukraine.

Accompanying these reports is information that the U.S. has now stationed a special reconnaissance aircraft on Crete capable of detecting radiation of any kind.

Let’s remember: In past provocations, military or otherwise, e.g. in the Black Sea, the U.S. always strengthened its reconnaissance capabilities in advance.

Nobody asks the question why Russia should do that? Why at the Soporisha nuclear power plant, which is under Russian control? Why there, when the consequences of such an attack would also affect the Krasnodar, Voronezh and Crimean regions to a very large extent?

If so, wouldn’t it be more logical for Russia to target, for example, the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant far in the Ukrainian hinterland?

No, this last question is not asked either in Ukraine or in the capitals of NATO countries allied with Ukraine. Nor is there even the slightest serious discussion of the fact that a nuclear accident in Ukraine would almost certainly have repercussions for the populations of a number of NATO countries.

Changes in local wind currents around July 4 and 5 would cause the wind from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to blow from east to west, carrying radiation to Europe and NATO countries….

A serious discussion would widely challenge the whole NATO narrative and the actions of NATO tops. Better not to wake this lion …

News from Kiev confirms in its own way that something is in the air. For large, international hotels in Kiev, inhabited virtually only by Western advisers, are suddenly sending staff on vacation as guests stay away.

There are parallels from the past here as well. When NATO and Western countries feared violent reactions from Russia, these countries took the precaution of withdrawing their personnel from Kiev on a large scale, preferably to Poland.

But that is still not all.

U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (Republican) and Richard Blumenthal (Democrat) have introduced a bipartisan draft resolution in the Senate that would deem Russia’s use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine or bombing of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant an attack on NATO requiring the use of Article 5 of the alliance.

Is this the magic stick NATO has been looking for for months to finally be able to officially intervene in the Ukraine conflict as NATO?

The EU’s foreign affairs envoy, Josep Borell, has also been talking in recent days about major events in Ukraine in July.

It is certainly no exaggeration to claim that the U.S., through its military cudgel NATO as well as the economic lever EU, will try to use all possibilities, no matter how adventurous, to turn the tide in Ukraine in its favor. However, the conditions for the U.S. are not currently such that they hold the aces in their hands.

Thus, the observer must include all aspects in the assessment of the geopolitical situation, first of all, including the geo-economic processes in the world:

Macron’s refusal to attend the BRICS conference in South Africa stunned not only him.

In “Good old Europe,” the Kenyan president demands the incomprehensible from a Western point of view: equal rights!

In Africa, various countries no longer want NATO “training troops” and are getting serious about withdrawing them.

How deeply the Chinese politely arranged rebuff for Blinken in China hit the ruling circles of the USA was shown by US President Biden in his diplomatically completely unacceptable insult of Chinese President Xi.

The “Voice from Russia” will shed light on these processes in a BRICS article in the next few days.

As for the situation around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, unfortunately, it must be stated:

The USA tends to behave like a wounded animal. With animals it is difficult or even impossible to predict. Therefore, the world cannot rule out the possibility that the U.S. is equally ready for the most extreme actions to try to preserve its dominant position in the world. The actions around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia can be placed in these contexts.

News from Ukraine

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