Interview with “From Masha with Love”

Peter Hanseler at his home in Moscow in conversation with Masha Janssen – “From Masha with Love” – about the geopolitical changes in 2023 with a brief glimpse into the future.

Peter Hanseler

Masha Janssen, who runs the YouTube channel “From Masha with Love“, conducted a second interview with me between Christmas and New Year – this time at my home. The Russian TV journalist from Donetsk, Ukraine, who emigrated to Germany as a young woman and now lives in Moscow again after 20 years, sat down with me over a glass of wine – a stimulating and interesting conversation.

The conversation, which lasted over 90 minutes, was conducted in German. Maria Avilova provided it with Russian and English subtitles – a Herculean task – thank you very much!

Much of what is discussed in this interview has already been included in one of our many articles – but not everything.


Interview with “From Masha with Love”

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