Everything is possible!

Thoughts on Christmas, which many would like to celebrate but cannot, and what kind of heroes it would take to change this.

Peter Hanseler

Artwork: Peter Hanseler & Adriano Ackermann

Many people celebrate Christmas, the holiday of giving, the day for our children.

For many, however, there is no celebration at all, and they have no reason to celebrate.

These are people in many countries. The Ukrainian war is by no means the only military conflict that is currently causing suffering to people, it is just the only one that is perceived in the West. In dozens of other places around the world, hundreds of civilians die every day from military violence. Suppose you are seriously ill, but they only talk about your sick neighbour – every day – and you are left aside, although you are also fighting and fearing for your life.

I designed our Christmas card with my friend, Adriano Ackermann. It is an optimistic card, hence the youthful, almost childlike sentence that everything is possible – so is peace!

“There are no old heroes”

This is a heroic statement and heroes are young. A close friend of mine, whose life is coming to a end, talked to me about the struggle to defend life once again and said, “There are no old heroes”.

Those who rule the world, however, are not young – the young are often not taken seriously in our world because they are not realistic and do not know the seriousness of life. I counter that the seriousness of life and the experiences that one makes in a long life destroys heroism.

But we need heroes today. As long as the old do nothing, the young die at the front – give the young a chance to be real heroes. Battlefields do not produce heroes – only dead, maimed and traumatized.

Heroes accomplish what the powerful don’t think is possible because they can no longer be heroes; heroes achieve the impossible.

Let’s give the young ones a chance to become heroes and let them talk to each other – the heroes of all those countries where the old powerful ones do not think it necessary to find a solution.

All the war propaganda, all the shouting, all the lies and all the hatred comes invariably from people who do not fight; this wise sentence comes from George Orwell.

Everything is possible – peace waits in the background – patiently, tone in tone with the color of Christmas, which is also the color of hope.

In this sense, hopeful and happy holidays!

Everything is possible!

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