Diary entry of the week – the world spins even faster

How events around the world affect me. A subjective and incomplete journey through the week – with some bombshell news: the Germans want to blow up the Crimean bridge.

Peter Hanseler


As I am writing larger texts and the days are almost impossible to follow, I try to write a diary entry at the end of each week to record my impressions. I’m still looking for the right structure for these entries. This is difficult because the structures of this world are constantly changing. My focus is distinctly different from that of the Western mass media.

Russia – Ukraine – Transnistria – CIA – Macron – Navalny

Military Conflict

I follow the conflict through background reports and military developments on various channels on a daily basis. For the purely factual, I recommend the YouTube channel “Military Summary” to our readers, which reports twice a day in detail on the purely militaristic.

After the fall of Avdiivka, the Russian offensive along the entire front of over 1,000 kilometers is picking up speed. On February 27, the White House announced that the fall of Avdiivka was indeed significant; this had happened because Congress was no longer supplying weapons.

This week, villages fell into the hands of the Russian army on a daily basis. They are attacking at many points on the front simultaneously and it seems that the Ukrainians are being pushed back – everywhere. The retreating Ukrainians also don’t seem to be able to fall back to well-prepared next lines of defense. There are no signs that the Ukrainians can stabilize this situation.

Selenski’s fabulous numbers

President Zelensky put the Ukrainian losses since the beginning of the military conflict at just over 30,000, which is impossible. Military Summary put the losses at a minimum of 470,000, while the Russian Defense Minister put the losses at 444,000 soldiers. Our estimates were even higher, as we assume that around 100,000 will be added to these figures; fallen soldiers whom the Ukrainians bury in mass graves, on the one hand so that the officers continue to receive the pay of these fallen soldiers and on the other hand to prevent the Ukrainian state from having to pay widows’ pensions to their relatives. After consulting various sources, we estimate the Russian losses at around 50,000. Many readers will consider the ratio of 1/10 to be impossible, as the West has been claiming the opposite since the beginning of the operation two years ago.

In Ukraine, no one wants to go to the front anymore, in Russia over 40,000 volunteers volunteered in January with the support of the people and their families. I make these statements with great confidence and with the understanding that the future will confirm them.

German armaments delivery

Germany is supplying more military aid, including 14,000 155mm artillery shells, which is a drop in the ocean. Russia fires 10,000 such shells – per day. All the weapons and other military equipment supplied to date can be found on the following website of the German government. It is becoming increasingly clear that the military aid from Germany is pure marketing that has no effect whatsoever on the battlefield.


The Transnistrian Republic, an area inhabited by Russians, Moldovans and Ukrainians, with Russian being the everyday language, wants independence from Moldova and to join Russia. In 2006, a double referendum was held in Transnistria to gauge popular support for the separatist state’s desire to either give up its independence and join the Republic of Moldova or retain it and seek to join the Russian Federation. The referendum on affiliation with Moldova was rejected by 96% of voters, while 98% voted in favor of joining Russia.

Although the thin sliver of land is internationally recognized as part of Moldova, Russian troops have been stationed there since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Now Transnistria is calling on Russia for help. The appeal to Moscow was made at a special session of the Transnistrian Congress of Deputies. Russia has not yet responded officially.

Source: ZeroHedge

The situation is unclear. The Republic of Moldova is politically controlled by the USA. The situation in Transnistria is similar to that in Donbass shortly before the start of the special military operation in February 2022. President Putin did not comment on this in his speech on February 29. René Zittlau is in the process of writing a short article on the subject, which will be published next week.

CIA built 12 secret spy bases

The New York Times dropped a bombshell last Sunday. 12 CIA bases have been built and equipped since 2014, not for the defense of Ukraine, but for attacks against Russia. According to the New York Times, various attacks on Russian infrastructure since 2022 would have been impossible without these centers. This bombshell report from the New York Times, which is usually loyal to the US, shows two things:

First, the US is directly involved in the war, which makes our article “Sleepwalkers at work: World War 3 has probably already begun” from February 1, 2023 worth reading again.

Secondly, President Putin made these accusations even before the outbreak of hostilities in February 2022, according to the New York Times:

«Toward the end of 2021, according to a senior European official, Mr. Putin was weighing whether to launch his full-scale invasion when he met with the head of one of Russia’s main spy services, who told him that the C.I.A., together with Britain’s MI6, were controlling Ukraine and turning it into a beachhead for operations against Moscow.»

So Putin was right with his statement.

Germany wants war

The war drumming emanating from Germany is incomprehensible. A country that is economically on the brink and lost a war against the Soviet Union almost 80 years ago, which subsequently led to the collapse of Germany, is effectively crying out for war against Russia.

Unfortunately, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who were worn down on the Eastern Front are no longer alive. They could very well judge whether this warmongering is a good idea. I read the Eastern Front trilogy “Moscow-Stalingrad-Berlin” by Theodor Plievier as a 16-year-old and then again about 20 years ago.

This trilogy shows the reality on the Eastern Front in such an unvarnished way that normal people get insomnia. The reality is genuine: Plievier interviewed German prisoners of war in Russia after the fall of Stalingrad. If every German politician had to read these books before speaking, the message would probably sound different.

The fact is: NATO troops have long been in Ukraine – Germany wants to blow up the Crimean Bridge.

It is a fact that NATO troops from various countries have long been in Ukraine and are involved in combat operations. We already reported this last February (“Sleepwalkers at work: World War 3 has probably already begun“). When Russia took out at least 60 French soldiers in Kharkov in a targeted attack in January 2024, Le Monde dismissed this as a disinformation campaign by the Russians. Sputnik then published a list of the dead – then things went quiet in Paris.

All complex weapons systems from the West are operated on site in Ukraine by soldiers from the respective countries because it takes years to train them.

A concrete example: Russia intercepted a conversation between leading German officers in which they discussed plans to blow up the Crimean bridge.

One of the conversation partners: Lieutenant General of the Bundeswehr Ingo Gerhartz.

Transkript des Gesprächs deutscher Offiziere über Angriff auf Krimbrücke veröffentlicht
Actively involved in planning the attack on the Crimean Bridge. Lieutenant General of the Bundeswehr Ingo Gerhartz. – Source: RT

Reading sample:

“According to the transcript, the participants discussed the effectiveness of deploying British Storm Shadow and French SCALP medium-range missiles already delivered to Ukraine.”

“That’s when I realized that there are two interesting targets: a bridge in the east and munitions depots where we can get in. The bridge in the east is difficult to reach, and the pillars are relatively small, and that can be the Taurus, and the Mun depots – we can get through there. And if I take that into account now and compare how many Storm Shadows and HIMARS were shot down, you can keep all the setting characteristics quite well. I picked out three routes where I would say, is it about the bridge or is it about ammunition depots?”


Here is the link to the article.

This matter could well develop into a diplomatic bombshell in the lap of the German Ministry of Defense.

UPDATE: Here is the entire phone call (in German) on YouTube “UnzensiertDE-News” – we will analyze it and report on it very soon.

President Macron

President Macron considered sending NATO troops to Ukraine, which would necessarily trigger World War 3. The reaction from NATO countries in Europe was prompt: Germany, the UK, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic distanced themselves from any suggestion that they might deploy ground troops in Ukraine.

In my opinion, the reason why Macron of all people considered such an inane move is not far to seek. France has lost considerable influence in Africa in a short space of time: coups in Niger, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Guinea and Mali. Chad is also in crisis. The last colonial sinecures of the French are gone.

These countries are seeking proximity to Russia and China. French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, a 34-year-old nobody, attributes the loss of French positions in the Sahel to Russian “destabilization”. In my opinion, it seems more obvious to attribute the events in Africa to the despicable colonial policy of the French; living at the expense of others no longer works. What is interesting in this context is the fact that France was far too weak to influence the outcome. Obviously, these small countries believe that proximity to Russia and China is more advantageous. All that remains for the French is to whine and shoot – with words – at Russia, the West’s favorite enemy.

EU war bonds

The facts that don’t make it into the mass media are always extremely interesting – especially when it comes to money, a lot of money. Katja Kallas wants the EU to issue EUR 100 billion Eurobonds, issued by the EU Commission, to rearm Europe and support Ukraine. – Really? The EU Commission, chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, is made up of nobodies. Tom Luongo suspects that these funds are being used to plug holes in the EU budget. Ms. von der Leyen does not explain herself, nor does she have to, as she knows what is good for the European population.


To the great astonishment of the West, Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrilo Budanov commented on Navalny’s death. He died of natural causes. We can only speculate about the reasons for this statement. What is certain is that the wind has been taken out of the sails of the statements from the West. We have published several articles on Navalny’s death and referred to them last week. In any case, the Navalny story is no longer an issue in the West.

Elections in the US

Despite barrage of attacks at all levels against Donald Trump, his popularity among the people remains unbroken. So far, he has won all the primaries. The only remaining Republican opponent, Nikki Haley, clearly loses to Trump every time.

You never know what might happen, but so far it seems clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican challenger – against Biden? Last week I wrote about Biden’s state of mind. I would be surprised if Biden is still able to run against Trump. The current Vice President Kamala Harris has an epically low approval rating with the American people, so she is no alternative to Biden. This will be exciting not only for the USA, but for the whole world. Trump wants peace. The war-mongering establishment in the USA will do anything to prevent a President Trump. Even murder?

Middle East

Gaza – the dying continues

Despite the clear instruction to Israel by the International Court of Justice to do everything possible to stop the genocide in Gaza, Israel does not seem to have changed its tactics of destroying human lives. There is no record on the website that Israel has submitted its report requested by the Court in paragraph 6 of the ruling. I am dismayed but not surprised – the killing continues.

On Thursday, a large group of Palestinians queuing for flour and water were shot up by the Israeli army: 104 dead and over 700 injured. Title and lead of the NZZ of March 1:

“Bloodbath during aid distribution in Gaza – Israel denies responsibility

According to an initial investigation by the Israeli army, most of the more than one hundred fatalities were run over or trampled to death. The incident bears witness to the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza – and could jeopardize a new hostage agreement with Hamas.”

NZZ, 1 Marchrz 2024

The independent YouTube channel “Democracy Now” (2 million subscribers) clearly sees it differently and has proven this with well-founded sources: No one was trampled to death or run over – the Palestinians were shot up.


Israel’s attack on Lebanon is spreading. Since Monday, Israel has been attacking Hezbollah positions 100 km deep in Lebanon. The escalation continues. Hezbollah’s response was not long in coming; 60 rockets hit an Israeli headquarters on the Golan Heights. The next stage of escalation would be Israeli ground troops in Lebanon. Will the disaster that Israel suffered in Lebanon in 2006 be repeated?


The NZZ follows the Pentagon line more closely than the New York Times. With regard to the CIA bases in Ukraine, the NZZ reports nothing, the NZZ relativizes the genocide in Gaza beyond recognition and for years the NZZ has been propagating the economic and, since February 2022, the military collapse of Russia. By omitting and exaggerating inaccurate reports, the NZZ leads its readers astray. Editor-in-chief Eric Gujer is obviously relying on the forgetfulness of readers, loosely based on Chancellor Adenauer’s famous bon mot, “What do I care about my chatter from yesterday”. Mr. Gujer does not think very highly of his own readership.

Freedom of speech in Germany at risk

A post on the YouTube channel “Achtung Reichelt” really scared me. Among other things, it talks about the fact that it is actually illegal in Germany to mock the state, i.e. to make fun of it. At least that’s the opinion of the Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) – quote:

“Those who mock the state must deal with a strong state.”

Nancy Fraeser

According to the dictionary, “to mock” means to laugh at, tease, make fun of, ridicule.

A Bavarian businessman who put up two posters on his private property mocking the German government – and rightly so – has now been charged after his house was searched (sic!).

You wouldn’t believe it, but in Germany there is a new criminal law norm – Paragraph 188:

“If an insult (Section 185) is committed against a person in the political life of the people publicly, in a meeting or by disseminating content (Section 11 (3)) for motives related to the position of the insulted person in public life, and if the act is likely to make his or her public activities considerably more difficult, the penalty is imprisonment for up to three years or a fine. The political life of the people extends to the municipal level.”


This paragraph was enacted during the Corona period.

The Video is more than worth seeing and should definitely make all residents in Germany lose sleep.

Stock frenzy

Stock indices in the West are rushing from one high to the next, even though the economy – viewed with a cool eye – is looking worse and worse. Bitcoin is also back above USD 60,000. The world is on the brink of a geopolitical abyss and the party on the financial markets continues. Few may remember the Dotcom bubble, when every skeptic was told that a new era had dawned and that fundamental parameters would no longer apply.

ZeroHedge published a graphic last night that says more than a thousand words:

Source: ZeroHedge.com

Speech by President Putin on February 29

We will publish this speech in German, English and Russian at the weekend. René Zittlau will make a few brief comments on the main message of this speech addressed to the Russian people.

Have a nice weekend!

Diary entry of the week – the world spins even faster

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