“Change is coming!” – The outcry in the West will be deafening.

With emotional stories about war and banking crises, the Western media are missing the story of the century. The outcry in the West will be deafening when commodities have to be paid for again with real money. 

Peter Hanseler

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“A change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years”

President Xi bidding farewell to President Putin in Moscow


In one of my last articles I reported about the pitoyable reporting of the West about the Ukraine conflict: After one year of war it turns out that the Western “reporting” was none – everything was put up propagandistically and little was true. And now the reality agrees less and less with the reporting. 

“This is concerning.”

We have reached the point in the West where many people have become accustomed to, or have already resigned themselves to, defending the “truth” disseminated in the Western media to such an extent that questioning a view is tantamount to treason. 

The level has thus reached the same point as in the Middle Ages, when the Catholic Church told its flock what is – otherwise burn at the stake.

“If you’re being preached to and you think 2 + 2 is 5, sooner or later you’re going to have a problem with your accounting.”

This is alarming. It is not the lousy quality of the Western media that is criticized, but those who point it out. 

But the biggest development – the closing of ranks of the rest of the world – is not being acknowledged in the West. The facts, in my opinion, are on the table – the secession of the East could soon take off and fall on an ill-informed population that has not been able to prepare itself, thanks to a press that prefers to indulge in propaganda instead of fulfilling its role as the fourth estate. 

East drops the US dollar


In my opinion, the world is in a war of secession, in which the global South (about 80% of humanity) wants to free itself from the dependence of the global West (roughly USA, UK, EU, CH, JP, AUS, KR). This is only possible if the rest of the world renounces the petrodollar. I already wrote the article “Endgame for the Petrodollar” in April 2022.

The efforts of BRICS+, SCO and many other organizations are obvious. In the Western media, these developments are either not covered at all or covered with arrogance – “the few developing countries!” I also wrote an article about this, “The Unstoppable Rise of the East”.

A storm of peace

More has happened in international diplomacy in recent weeks than in the last 30 years. 

In Beijing, the Saudis reconciled with the Iranians: these had been mortal enemies for decades. Apparently, Beijing was able to convince the two that it is better to stand together and do business than to fight each other: Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are about to join BRICS+.

“Those who trade with each other do not shoot at each other”.

Helmut Schmidt

The Russians bring Turkey and Syria to the negotiating table – here, too, the big players put pressure on the squabblers to finally solve the Syria problem.

Finally, it was announced that Saudi Arabia and Syria are resuming diplomatic relations after more than 10 years. 

This is very good news for the people in the countries concerned. Since these peace efforts come from China and Russia, they are smiled upon or not even seriously analyzed in the West. 

The reason is human: no Western state was involved in these diplomatic successes. Is China becoming the new Switzerland – as a mediator between squabblers?

The deal seems to have been sealed

However, I see these developments as a turning point: The meeting of Presidents Xi and Putin in Moscow could mean the sealing of economic secession. 

“Then the U.S. dollar is dead.”

In the diplomacy of both China and Russia, words are carefully chosen, even if it is only to get into a car to say goodbye. We will be reminded of Xi’s words many times in the future.

“A change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years.”

President Xi

Concluding remarks

I would not be surprised at all if the big organizations like BRICS+ and SCO would proclaim a new payment system very soon – a payment system that would have its own gold and/or commodity based currency and force the West to source its commodities in this currency. 

The pathological silence of the West could be an indication that a Vogel-Strauss policy has been chosen, because the facts are on the table.

This would be a disaster for the Western FIAT currencies if, after more than 50 years, the West had to pay for their raw materials again with money of value – money that cannot be printed.

“Change is coming!” – The outcry in the West will be deafening.

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