BRICS grows by leaps and bounds

Yesterday, it was announced that another 19 nations want to join the power alliance – the West is silent.

Peter Hanseler


VoicefromRussia never tires of pointing out to Western readers an epochal development. 

In our articles on the Petrodollar, BRICS, Battle of the World Currencies, Change is Coming, we pointed out the development towards a multipolar world, away from the yoke of the West.

“What I don’t know won’t hurt me!”

The West’s disinterest in this world-changing development is taking on pathological traits – in my opinion, a fatal misjudgment. 

The Western media have become bogged down in a few emotional issues that are easy for the public to understand, and continue their hate-mongering against Russia and China. 

The tectonic shifts that the world has not seen in a hundred years are not reported on, loosely based on the motto: “What I don’t know won’t hurt me!”

The part of the G20 which already belong to BRICS and are close to BRICS already outstrip the G20 members facing the West according to GDP figures adjusted for purchasing power. 

BRICS+ is becoming the largest multipolar economic power in the world – at lightning speed.


Membership applications

On this May 2, 2023, 13 nations have submitted a formal membership application, 6 more have submitted an informal membership application – a total of 19 nations will join BRICS. 

Only 10 of these countries are known to date: 

·      Argentina
·      Indonesia
·      Saudi Arabia
·      Iran
·      United Arab Emirates
·      Algeria
·      Egypt
·      Bahrain
·      Mexico
·      Türkiy

Who the other three accession candidates are has not been disclosed. One can only speculate about the reasons for the hesitant information policy, which we will not do here. 

“A change is coming that has not happened for 100 years.”

Situation in the G20

The Western media never tire of claiming that Russia is isolated, although 10 of the G20 countries already belong, or will belong, to BRICS – this is not isolation, but false reporting by the Western press.

Furthermore, it should be noted that those 10 G20 members, which are already in BRICS or will join, have a higher purchasing power adjusted GDP than the other, western oriented members of this group of countries.

Why do I use the purchasing power adjusted figures here? – Simply because one USD in China, Russia or India has much more purchasing power than, say, in the US. Example: If a hamburger costs USD 2.- in the USA and the same hamburger costs only USD 1.- in Beijing, one must adjust this, otherwise one compares apples with pears. 

Not foreseeable, but exciting will be the decision-making process of the G20, when half of the member states, which have a greater economic power than the other 10 members, will belong to BRICS. Will the G20 survive this? – That may be doubted. 

BRICS becomes the oil and gas giant

According to a WEF (World Economic Forum) study, all OPEC countries together produce about 40% of all available oil. 

We don’t need to say anything about the huge influence of OPEC in the last 50 years. 

The 15 BRICS countries already known today will clearly exceed this quota and will also become by far the largest block in the natural gas business. 

The table we have prepared contains estimates, which show the following results: 

BRICS countries control 50% of world oil production and 42% of natural gas production. 

This will make BRICS the world power in energy sources – understandably not taking into account the three potential new BRICS member states not yet named above.

Source: Wikipedia/VoicefromRussia

BRICS will become a gold giant

The new BRICS will also become a giant in gold production. 

Why is this important?

As stated several times on this blog, the BRICS nations and the SCO – under the expert leadership of Sergei Glazev – are in the process of building a common currency, which will be backed by gold. 

The new BRICS countries will also hold close to 40% of the world’s gold production.


Less than a month ago, President Xi told President Putin at the farewell: 

“A change is coming that has not happened in 100 years.”

President Xi

A few weeks later, we hear that BRICS will grow from 5 to 18 countries. President Xi’s announcement was thus a pre-announcement and not babble. 

The new BRICS will have a supremacy in terms of GDP, oil, natural gas and gold in the world. 

The West seems paralyzed or arrogant – both dangerous attitudes. 

When will the West wake up?

BRICS grows by leaps and bounds

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