Bloodbaths Change the World – Part 3 – Who was Behind 9/11?

Is it possible that the U.S. had something to do with the September 11 attack? – A forbidden question.

Peter Hanseler

This article was also published on on December 18, 2023

Facts reveal motives

So far, we have presented facts which prove that, firstly, at the end of World War II, the USA was ready to sacrifice 200,000 people for a marketing operation (Part 1). Secondly, we know that the expansion strategy of the USA, implemented after the September 11 attack, had already been worked out a year before the attack. Third, laws enacted within days of the attack could not possibly have been written or amended until after the attack (Patriot Act). Fourthly, it can be safely stated that the world was blackmailed by President Bush not only to allow the US to go to war, but also to participate in it. And finally, we know that two weeks after the attack, the Pentagon had already drawn up war plans against seven countries that had nothing to do with the attack, and that most of these plans were then carried out. 

Catalyst sought and found

Search for a reason for war that did not exist

From all the facts already analyzed, one thing is evident: the U.S. was looking for a justification to instigate wars in the Gulf region and Africa as a liberation blow to break out of its geopolitical position in the Middle East, which had already been weakened in 2001. The malicious aspect of the whole plan was the fact that the U.S. could not have given any of the seven countries (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon and Iran) reasons that would have justified a war under international law – or even morally. They were aware of this.

“Legal basis” that was not

The “war on terror” was merely a pretext to permanently destabilize geopolitically important states in order to cement American hegemony. Incidentally, war was never declared on any of the nations attacked. Only the American Congress can declare war – this did not happen. The “war on terror” always served as the “legal basis”, whereby the USA had sovereignty over the term “terror” and adapted and expanded it at will to suit their needs.

You can’t go to war without the people

However, this could not be accomplished without the support of the American people. Cheney and his colleagues wrote that a “Pearl Harbor moment” was needed to implement the warlike plans. In doing so, they knew exactly what it would take to strike militarily. The effect Pearl Harbor had on popular opinion about entering World War II is not only well known, but has been precisely documented statistically.

Public opinion poll before and after Pearl Harbor on U.S. entry into war

The leading polling institute in the U.S. – Gallup – asked the American people the following question in September 1939, after the outbreak of World War 2:

«Should we send our Army and Navy abroad to fight against Germany?»

GALLUP, 1.-6. September 1939

The answer: 84% were against it. Public opinion was crystal clear.

To secure his third reelection as president, President Roosevelt, probably guided by public opinion, announced the following at a campaign rally on October 30, 1940:

“I have said before, that I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign war.”

President Roosevelt on 30 Oktober 1940

In this context it should be mentioned in passing that there are many indications that Roosevelt knew already in early December 1941 and thus before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor. He not only allowed this to happen, but systematically provoked the Japanese to have a reason for war. He needed it desperately after he had promised the American people during his election campaign that he would not get involved in the war. I refer here to an essay that is illuminating. I simply did not have the time to verify these assertions made in it. Perhaps we will do that later and leave it at that, that there are only indications and no evidence for this outrageous accusation.

A few days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Gallup asked the American people:

“Do you approve, or disapprove of Congress declaring war against Japan?”

Gallup, 12-17 December 1941

The answer: 97% approved

These figures prove that the American population does not agree to a war until the country has been attacked. To conclude from my articles on the aggressive geopolitical behavior of the U.S. as a nation that the American people themselves are aggressive, I have previously considered to be unsubstantiated and unfair. With these poll numbers, I believe this theory has been refuted. However, if you scare the American people and make them believe that their security is threatened, they will change their minds – immediately.

Cheney and his colleagues also got their much-needed “Pearl Harbor moment” to implement their plans.

The narrative on the attack

The official narrative on the attack was as follows: On September 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked by Arab terrorists. Two of them crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. The fourth plane was brought down by the heroic actions of some hijacked passengers in a Pennsylvania field.

Due to the massive damage, the twin towers collapsed in front of the eyes of the entire world a short time after the planes hit. A neighboring building to the twin towers – World Trade Center 7 – was also damaged by debris from the twin towers to such an extent that this building also collapsed. The Pentagon also took damage. Around 3,500 people were killed.

Official Narrative Becomes Religion in the West

Over the years, countless questions were asked that cast doubt on the official narrative. The quality of these questions covered the entire possible spectrum – from erroneous and confused to highly credible. Most of the doubters, by the way, were Americans and did not – as one might have expected – come from the Arab world.

All these questions, whether justified or not, were virtually banned. Not only the media, but also societies throughout the Western world followed this mantra. Any discussion was nipped in the bud.

People were so traumatized and hateful towards the perpetrators, who were allegedly identified immediately after the attack, that most of them were unable to look at the attacks with a cool eye. Within days of the attack, the people involved had allowed such extreme means and steps to be taken that a change in the factual situation by these doubters would have put the narrative that had become a mantra at considerable risk. Western politicians and media thus built up an image that seemed like a religious monstrance. Such an irrational worldview, hammered into people’s heads, is hard to shake.

I heard from friends in the U.S. that they had been excluded from their own circle of friends when they had expressed their doubts about the official narrative at a dinner party. The mood at the table turned icy within seconds and the friends in question never invited them again – complete break-off of contact.

If someone wanted to ruin their career quickly and efficiently, the easiest way was to express doubts about the official narrative in the work environment.

Society itself thus became the thought police.

Doubts become conspiracy theories

The media systematically blocked all questions. Anyone who questioned the official narrative was either labeled a disloyal conspiracy theorist who was on the side of the perpetrators or dismissed as a complete crank. The intensity of this strategy was unique.

If anyone today thinks that the media strategy in the West during Covid was extreme, they are mistaken. During Covid, criticism, skepticism, and their proponents were indeed condemned wholesale and sometimes even trashed, but it was not as extreme as after 9/11. Regarding 9/11, there was no discussion in the media – ever. Silencing. The younger ones in our society are not aware of it because they did not experience it.

More than ten years after the attack, I personally had an extremely strange experience. When I wrote an article on another subject for a Swiss newspaper and in a subordinate sentence merely mentioned – not criticized – the investigation into the attacks, the editors immediately wrote to me: the legal department would not allow this sentence. I was more than surprised.

In 2006, I met two highly intelligent and critical Anglo-Saxons in Asia. They not only pointed out to me inconsistencies in connection with the attacks, but were firmly convinced that everything critical would be eradicated from the Internet within a few years. I thought this prediction was impossible or at least exaggerated and was convinced that the Internet was too big and complex to be cleaned up.

Internet completely cleansed

In connection with the research for this article, I was shocked by the fact that the Internet today is so cleansed of criticism about the attacks. Critical sources are almost impossible to find. The entire discussion has simply been banned from the dominant search engines, leaving sources untraceable. Following the motto “what Google doesn’t show, doesn’t exist,” this information also disappeared from people’s consciousness. My two Anglo-Saxons in Asia were therefore completely right with their prediction.

Questions that become facts

In connection with the September 11 attack, there are countless questions that actually cast doubt on the official narrative.

In any case, an association called Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth played an important role among the questioners. More than 3,500 architects and engineers belong to this association. On their website one can find countless arguments, interviews and technical papers, which can be summarized in one sentence as follows: The official narrative defies the laws of physics.

It would be completely presumptuous to present here even an overview of the inconsistencies of the official narrative. I have talked to people who have been dealing with this subject for years and asked the following question:

“Is there a fact that is capable of collapsing the narrative on its own, but does not rely on a person’s credibility and requires no scientific training, just common sense, to understand it?”

The answer came promptly and is discussed below.

The forbidden questions

Epic images and videos

Everyone may remember the following epic photograph showing the second plane just before the moment it crashed into the second tower.

There were several photos and video footage of the plane entering the tower. We show one of these films here. Allegedly, the following video was taken by a Mr. Michael Persekany (spelling unclear), a Los Angeles gem dealer.

I would like to point out to our readers that in 2001 we were living in an almost pre-Stone Age era with regard to telephone cameras. There were huge “mobile” phones with poor cameras, still cameras, not video cameras. The iPhone didn’t hit the market until six years later. Thus, this shot must have come from a video camera, with a resolution that was appropriate for the time.

Take a look at this shot.

Zeitlupenaufnahme des Flugzeugs beim Eintauchen in eine Stahlkonstruktion. 

An airplane – a hollow thin aluminum shell

An aircraft is a very fragile aluminum shell. The thickness of the aluminum is sometimes less than 1 mm. Therefore, it is not surprising that even birds can cause great damage to an aircraft.

Schäden am Flugzeugen nach Vogelschlag

Construction method of the twin towers

The twin towers of the World Trade Center, on the other hand, were held together in the outer skin and core by gigantic steel structures. Such a construction allowed the creation of large open office spaces without disturbing steel beams. The outer skin was thus not made of glass, but of huge steel columns.

Technical diagram of the twin towers
A photo of the building under construction in 1969 – steel structure in the core of the building.
Photo during the construction of the twin towers – steel structure of the outer shell.
A cross section of a steel and concrete column of the building core
Photo showing the individual floors that the plane is said to have penetrated.

The plane is said to have penetrated seven reinforced concrete floors. Each of them was over 10 cm thick.

Newton’s third law – actio est reactio

Newton’s third law – actio est reactio – reads as follows:

“ Forces always appear in pairs. If a body A exerts a force on another body B ( actio ), an equal but opposite force from body B acts on body A ( reactio ).


In terms of our video recording, this means the following: An aluminum aircraft hitting a thick steel structure has the same effect as a steel structure hitting the aircraft at the same speed. For the effects on the aircraft and the steel structure, it makes no difference which object is moving. In both cases, the steel structure will damage the aircraft and it itself will remain relatively undamaged. The higher the speed at the point of impact, the more damage will be done to the aircraft. The speed of the passenger plane at impact was about 440 miles/h (710 km/h). (Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers, page 20).

One twin tower had a mass of 500,000 tons. A bird, which caused the damage in the upper pictures, weighs about 6 pounds. A twin tower was thus 166 million times heavier than a bird.

The question of how Newton’s Third Law was suspended in this impact remained unanswered.

In the photograph, one can also see that the aircraft was not damaged in any way by the impact. Further, one can also see that the speed of the plane did not slow down at all upon impact. It simply disappeared into the building, not one thin fin or tail wing was damaged.

It is impossible for an airplane to plunge straight into such a gigantic building, not slowing down, without even the wingtips sustaining damage. This video – and also the others that were shown – thus show something that is physically impossible.

Trick shot

Back to the video. The second piece of evidence, which proves that this is a trick shot, is due to an oversight of the person who edited this shot in a great hurry so that it could be presented to the world audience in the media. Note the left wing – before the plane hits – as it passes the building next to it. Logically, the wing should appear in front of the building, not behind it.

This recording was shown for years to hundreds of millions of people in all media and nobody noticed it. Why? – Because the world view described above supported this recording. Nevertheless, the recording has been proven to be a fake.

No plane

Thus, there was no airplane at all. The process shown could not have happened like this in the real world.

Now the question arises, how it came to the explosions, if there were no airplanes. There are hundreds of clues for this, which would completely go beyond the scope of this already extensive article. I refer to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website regarding the collapse of the buildings and to 11planeshoax report regarding the planes.

I think it is the right moment to conclude our remarks on the attack at this point. If it was not planes – that is clear from what we have said – the buildings must have been damaged by explosives placed from the inside in a first explosion and then brought down by a controlled demolition. But this could not have been done by a few terrorists.

Difficult outcome

Most readers will have a hard time digesting these facts. We all believed in something that not only changed the course of world history to an unprecedented degree over the last two decades, but also changed our daily lives.

We have had security concerns for 22 years and have been questioned, groped and screened before every flight because today everyone is considered a terrorist until proven otherwise; even toddlers and grandmothers who want to fly on vacation are suspect.

For 22 years, we have been answering questions to banks, authorities and airlines about money transactions and travel – which would have been unseemly before the attack – and triggering an underlying unease about what will happen to this data. Large buildings and events have security arrangements that are exclusively consequences of the September 11 attacks. We all accept these because such a terrorist attack must never happen again.

But there were no terrorists.

Before we put the results of this article into geopolitical contexts, we would like to refer to an amusing quote by Mark Twain as an immediate aid to this hard-to-digest fare:

“It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled”

Mark Twain


War, extortion, terror

We have proven that the USA will stop at nothing to achieve its geopolitical goals – maintaining world domination. The means to world domination are war, extortion and terror.

These wars regularly cost millions of lives, mostly the victims are civilians, because it is part of the American and thus Western war strategy to bomb civilian targets with carpet bombing. This strategy began in World War II with the bombing of German city centers. This strategy, which the Americans developed with the British at the time and have since perfected, was also used after 1945, for example in Operation Linebacker II, where the Americans dropped tens of thousands of explosive devices on the civilian population of North Vietnam with B-52 bombers at Christmas time in 1972, simply to show the Vietnamese negotiating delegation at the Paris peace talks what would happen if they did not give in. The newly re-elected President Nixon, who was already under pressure because of Watergate, was to be given a “Peace with Honor” in this way.

Thus, to show their strength as a war power, hundreds of thousands of civilians were slaughtered without hesitation even after World War II.

We now know that the U.S. is even willing to “sacrifice” thousands of its own people for its geopolitical goals in order to justify its wars to the world public.

The danger comes from a group

The group responsible for steering U.S. geopolitics has been known for years. It has been running America’s fortunes at least since World War II.

President Eisenhower mentioned this group in his farewell speech on January 17, 1961, calling it the “Military-Industrial Complex.” Here is the quote:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by
the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

President Eisenhower
President Eisenhower’s statements regarding the military-undustrial complex

Not a bloodthirsty people

The statement that Americans as a people are bloodthirsty butchers is misguided. The U.S. leadership not only deceives the entire Western population, but also systematically manipulates its own population.

Pitoyable media

The role of the media on both sides of the Atlantic in this game is nothing less than unsavory. Our media are in no way fulfilling their role as the fourth pillar of power, with the exceptions proving the rule.

Even flagships of liberal and neutral reporting have degenerated into malicious propaganda ministries. We proved this beyond doubt almost a year ago with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ).

Geopolitical conclusion

I made my comments on September 11 not as a judge, but as a geopolitical analyst. After 22 years, the culprits have had enough time to make all tangible evidence disappear anyway, and exponents of this group will not be held accountable under any circumstances in today’s prevailing system.

However, my point was definitely to show the readers that a world power is capable of anything to maintain or expand its power. It is therefore only logical to instigate bloodbaths in one’s own ranks at enormous expense and to organize them on a general scale in order to present oneself as a victim as a result – a political strategy that has worked not only in recent times to obtain a free pass for wars and massacres from the shocked world population.

The erroneous assumption of most people that no one is capable of such deeds leaves the vast majority of people do not even consider these possibilities and thus already exclude them mentally. This is exactly the goal of those behind such strategies and plans.

When we will subsequently write about the situation in the Middle East, our readers will be sensitized to question everything and not to accept as fact anything that the politicians and the media serve up to them as truth.

Bloodbaths are not the result of insane extremists who do not know what they are doing.

Bloodbaths are organized to gain political capital from them. If today in the Western press it seems to be passed around undisputedly that the Hamas attack of October 7 is a 9/11 moment, then great caution is called for, otherwise humanity will once again be hoodwinked and pay with its blood and freedom yet again.

Bloodbaths Change the World – Part 3 – Who was Behind 9/11?

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