An emotional comment on the massacre in Moscow

“You shall not know them by their words, but by their deeds.” – 1 John 2, 1-6

René Zittlau

It is Sunday, March 24, 2024, two days after the massacre of completely innocent people in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. A crime that is staggering in its excess and barbaric execution. Even if the murderers did not get far, were caught and brought to justice – that is not enough. Especially as any punishment cannot begin to do justice to the monstrosity of the crime.

The information and assumptions about perpetrators and clients, the gestures of condolence and their absence, even their prohibition – all this creates a picture of the world in which we live that would have been unimaginable for most people in this form just a few years ago. The resulting question of where this world is heading is merely raised here, without being answered.

The crime in Moscow forced politicians all over the world to react, whether they wanted to or not. They were forced to show their colors. Their verbal reactions and real actions sometimes lacked the last political and even human decency and thus mocked the victims of the Moscow tragedy postmortem.

When even mourning is forbidden – yes, in the West

How deeply must a society as a whole have degenerated when the laying of flowers in front of the Russian Embassy in Riga is banned as an expression of grief because of what has happened? And lest there be any misunderstanding: it was certainly not just a decision by the Latvian police; the Latvian government has managed to this day not to express any grief or sympathy towards the Russian Federation or at least the victims.

All this in a country where at least 30 percent of the population is Russian.

Dear readers in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, you have heard nothing about this in the media in your countries? So you may also ask yourselves what this says about the state of the media and also about the state of the governments in your countries.

Every human society and all religions cultivate a culture of mourning. This is an indispensable part of human coexistence, of respect for the loss of others. Even in the animal kingdom, there are plenty of examples of compassionate behavior at the loss of conspecifics. Against this background, how should the behavior of official Latvia be classified?

The lack of criticism from the oh-so-civilized Western countries of the behaviour of this now extremely nationalistic EU and NATO member speaks volumes.

The behavior of the other EU and NATO states does not sink quite as low as that of Latvian officials. However, even this is limited to verbal condemnation of terrorism and expressions of sympathy for those directly affected. As far as I know, there have been no letters of condolence to official representatives of the Russian Federation, which makes the hypocrisy of the political West obvious for all the world to see.

When false trails are laid

The investigation by the Russian authorities is ongoing, and the arrest of the perpetrators is only the first step towards solving this crime. What has come to light so far casts massive doubt on the theory that the actual perpetrators are not to be found in Ukraine, a theory that was publicly put forward in the West just minutes after the crime.

The West is working hard on the legend that IS or one of its branches is responsible. However, everyone should ask themselves the same questions that the Russian president has publicly asked: Who benefits from the act? Who has the means and a motive?

IS, IGIL and whatever the proxies are called all have one thing in common: they are not state structures and were almost all created by foreign powers to enforce their interests under a false flag. To this end, they receive all the necessary resources and information from these foreign powers. They are therefore completely dependent on their sponsors and act accordingly.

These foreign powers always have the same addresses, be it Washington DC, London, Paris, yes, and increasingly also Berlin.

This means that the legend propagated with all its might in the West is already a pipe burst on paper and the Russian investigations will very probably destroy these myths completely.

When Russia is attacked

Let everyone who can see, see: The attack on the Moscow Crocus City Hall was not aimed at the peaceful, innocent concertgoers. The target was the Russian government, the Kremlin, Russian politics, indeed the Russian people as a whole. The aim was to sow discord in the hope of somehow provoking violent clashes between individual nationalities.

For those who know Russia even a little, however, it is obvious that any attacks on Russia will only further the cohesion of the peoples of this huge empire. If the presidential elections in Russia had not already taken place, but were scheduled for the coming weekend, the approval rating for Vladimir Putin would probably be even higher than it already is.

You don’t need clairvoyant abilities to predict that this crime will not change anything about developments in Russia and the fate of Ukraine. On the contrary, even the last people in Russia have probably now realized that a break with the West was unavoidable in order – as President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said – to secure the existence of Russian statehood.

An emotional comment on the massacre in Moscow

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